Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition

Free Modules

These modules were originally published by Wizards of the Coast, freely given away at no charge. During a revamp of the wizards.com site, around January or February 2013, the files were lost and links broke. Through Internet magic, we have managed to recover many of the file downloads exactly as they were. Each is linked here for your use.

Note that some of these modules are actually from D&D 3.0, not 3.5. They're generally compatible, but nonetheless I would love it if any experts can provide a list of which ones are 3.0. I'll add a column to differentiate those modules. My email is hoopyfroop at yahoo.com. Thanks!

Updated Classics

Adventure Name Author Level Setting
Tomb of Horrors Gary Gygax, Bruce Cordell 9th Generic D&D
White Plume Mountain Lawrence Schick, Andy Collins, Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, and James Wyatt 7th Generic D&D

Original Adventures

Adventure Name Author Level Setting
A Dark and Stormy Knight Owen K.C. Stephens 1st Generic D&D
Burning Plague, The Miguel Duran 1st Generic D&D
Wreck Ashore Robert Wiese 1st Generic D&D
Something's Cooking Andy Collins 2nd Generic D&D
Ettin's Riddle, The JD Wiker 2nd-3rd Generic D&D
Secret of the Windswept Wall, The Eric Haddock 2nd-4th Generic D&D
Dry Spell Darrin Drader 3rd Generic D&D
Frozen Whispers James Jacobs 3rd Generic D&D
Manifesting: A Tale Angel Leigh McCoy 3rd Generic D&D
Luck of the Draw Robert Wiese 3rd-4th Greyhawk
The Unwavering Path Kolja Raven Liquette 3rd-5th Generic D&D
Bad Light Owen K. C. Stephens 4th Generic D&D
Eye of the Sun, The Eric Cagle 4th Generic D&D
Vessel of Stars, The Robert Holzmeier 4th Generic D&D
Base of Operations Ed Stark 5th Generic D&D
Fallen Angel Ramon Arjona 5th Generic D&D
One Last Riddle David Eckelberry 5th-7th Generic D&D
Alchemist's Eyrie, The Edward Bolme 6th Generic D&D
Ghosts of Aniel, The Stephen Kenson 6th Generic D&D
House of Harpies Owen K. C. Stephens 6th Generic D&D
Legend of the Silver Skeleton Bart Carroll, Todd Clayton, Mark A. Jindra, and Robert Wiese 6th Generic D&D
Ministry of Winds, The Monte Cook 6th Generic D&D
Test of the Demonweb Ramon Arjona 6th Generic D&D
Hasken's Manor Scott Brocius and Mark A. Jindra 7th Generic D&D
Into the Frozen Waste Eric Cagle 7th Generic D&D
Lest Darkness Rise Owen K. C. Stephens 7th Generic D&D
Start at the End Rich Redman 7th Generic D&D
Treasure of the Black Veils, The Skip and Penny Williams 7th-9th Generic D&D
Environmental Impact Ramon Arjona 8th Generic D&D
Eye for an Eye, An Monte Cook 8th Generic D&D
Fang, Beak, and Claw Sean K. Reynolds 8th FR
Shoals of Intrigue Robert Wiese 8th Generic D&D
Cave of Spiders Skip Williams 9th Generic D&D
Tower in the Ice Skip Williams 9th Generic D&D
Tower of Deception, The Monte Cook 9th Generic D&D
Tiger's Palace Owen K.C. Stephens 9th-10th Generic D&D
Jungle Secrets Robert Wiese 10th Eberron
Bad Moon Waning Stan 10th Generic D&D
Sea Witch, The Jason Carl 10th Generic D&D
Crumbling Hall of the Frost Giant Jarl, The Andy Collins 10th Generic D&D
Tarus's Banquet! Sean K Reynolds 10th Libris Mortis
Temple of Redcliff, The Eric Cagle 10th Generic D&D
To Quell the Rising Storm Christopher Lindsay 10th Generic D&D
Harvest of Evil, A Jason Carl 10th-12th Generic D&D
Road to Oblivion Penny Williams 11th Generic D&D
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel 11th Generic D&D
Sheep's Clothing Robert Wiese 11th Generic D&D
Fait Accompli Owen K.C. Stephens 12th Generic D&D
Kopra Ruins, The Darrin Drader 12th Generic D&D
Question of Ethics, A Monte Cook 12th Generic D&D
Shrine of the Feathered Serpent By Skip Williams 12th Generic D&D
Thicker Than Water Monte Cook 12th Generic D&D
Desert Sands Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel 13th Generic D&D
Frigid Demise, A Monte Cook 13th Generic D&D
Ill Wind in Friezford Skip and Penny Williams 14th Generic D&D
Stone Dead Stan 14th Generic D&D
Lochfell's Secret Eric Haddock 15th Generic D&D
Matters of Vengeance Darrin Drader 15th Generic D&D
Black Rain Monte Cook 16th Generic D&D
Haunting Lodge Owen K. C. Stephens 17th Generic D&D
Thunder Below, The James Jacobs 17th Generic D&D
Force of Nature Mark A. Jindra 18th Generic D&D
War of Dragons Robert Wiese 18th Generic D&D
Icy Heart, An Eric Haddock 20th Generic D&D